Connecting the local village to the global village by harnessing the sun

Drinking water


Remote Access & Monitoring

Power & Capacity

Environmental conditions




Across the world, 770 million* people still lack access to electricity, according to the World Bank’s latest data.


As a solution, E Cube is specifically designed for remote areas not connected to the grid.


Each cube offers a multitude of services to improve livelihoods and promote sustainability. These include electricity charging, internet connectivity, agricultural support, purifying drinking water, elearning and telemedicine clinics.

Moving the E Cube forward

Established within 24 hours.
A 24-7 system with minimal maintenance.
E Cube operates in Asia and Africa with support from local governments and development agencies.
Current countries includes: Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Togo.


E Cube’s inventors and developers have extensive experience establishing and managing sustainable projects around the world in the fields of renewable energy by relying upon environmentally friendly innovative technologies.

This unique product is an integrative solution for the production and storage of energy. It is portable, easy to assemble, reliable and connects to almost any electricity-based technology.

Our comprehensive solution is intended for all remote areas that are not connected to the grid and enables access to a large variety of capabilities such as education / medicine / state services / agricultural activity / drinking water / charging electricity / communication.

The E Cube opens doors to new worlds such as tourism / shopping centers / hiking trails / visitor centers and more.
We aspire to be a leading company that provides solutions and essential services to rural and remote areas, generating a better future for millions of people.


Jane Orikri
Josiah Owura
Mirabel Ozioma